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Lisa Wilson maintains AMH history which includes pictures, documentaries, financial records, meetings minutes, and residents’ records. She is currently working with Indiana Deaf Museum to obtain a grant in 2017 to preserve AMH artifacts.

This person keeps the AMH constituion and its bylaws updated.

DAA – Deaf Archibald Auxiliary
Wendy Whiting (chairperson), Peggy Dickover, Ann Reifel coordinate weekly sewing projects at EVCL to benefit senior citizens. Plans are underway to sell surplus on PTCO Day in May.

Farm and Grounds
Paul Hocker oversees AMH’s three workers who handle maintenance and landscaping for two houses and various farm buildings on the Archibald land.

Susan Hocker works closely with the Treasurer to audit AMH financial reports and ensures financial needs are met for deaf senior citizens in assisted living.

Home Care
Wendy Whiting reaches out to deaf senior citizens and their families around the state to ensure their needs are being met.

Agreement: Bea Pfaff works with the executive director at Evergreen Crossing & the Lofts to ensure the Agreement is updated and followed. She also handles the contracts with the family who farms Archibald land.
Activities:  Leona Norrod coordinates potlucks and other recreational activities such as Dingo, Euchre, annual memorial service at Evergreen Crossing & the Lofts.

Social Media
Ann Reifel moderates AMH facebook.
Lisa Wilson
maintains the style and contents of the AMH website. Suggestions, feedback, concerns can be emailed to her. If you wish to be on the website committee, please email Lisa90Lisa @ gmail.com.

Peggy Dickover, Bert Pickell, Steven Stultz are currently reviewing transportation options regarding the use of AMH minivan. More details to come later.


We welcome your participation on the committees listed above. Please go to the Contact Us page and let us know you want to be involved.